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Brimar Bouviers COMPLETING the CIRCLE of EXCELLENCE. Bouvier puppies | Bouvier breeder

 Brimar Bouviers welcomes you to the world of the Bouvier, an intelligent and versatile breed. Because they are so special, Brimar Bouviers strives to breed a dog that is always a credit to the breed, both structurally and mentally.  We strive to maintain type in our dogs so that our line preserves that essence of the breed.
Our puppies are well socialized - they have been touched, handled, petted and loved from their first moments of life. You will find notes, articles, links, and helpful hints that have been compiled to assist you in raising your new puppy. We will always pass on to you any new and helpful materials we come across.  We are available at all times to share your experiences and to help you along.
  • We are committed to the Bouvier.
  • We do not tolerate serious structural faults and genetic issues in our breeding program.
  • We strive to breed a dog that is always a credit to the breed.