Brimar Bouviers

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About Our Breeding Program...
Our goal is to improve the breed through careful screening before we breed. We study the past and observe the present to build a solid future.
Sire & Dam






Our breeding program includes certification
of the following OFA standards.

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  • Tails docked and dew claws removed
  • Ears cropped, unless otherwise requested
  • Wormed and vaccinated as prescribed by our Veterinarian
Deposit Policy

A $250 deposit is required upon your request for a Brimar puppy.  The deposit ensures your position on the waiting list.  Sometimes several people are waiting for a puppy and we have only had the word of the prospective buyer.  Based on the size of the litter we have turned prospective buyers away only to find that the purchaser has either found another puppy or changed their mind.  This not only denies others the chance for a Brimar puppy but also precludes a puppy from a qualified home during its critical bonding period. Under limited circumstances we will refund a deposit, they are:

1.  A puppy is unavailable as to the sex you requested.
2.  The number of puppies is not sufficient to fulfill all requests, all requests will be filled in the order received.

We prefer that our puppies be placed in qualified homes around ten weeks of age. We believe that the puppy will bond to its new owners better and adjust to its new home with less stress during this early development stage.